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Who the Hell is Stuntman Mike? (fic)

Author: Razycrandomgirl

Title: Who The Hell Ts Stuntman Mike?

Fandom: Heroes/Grindhouse

Rating: R (violence, language some gore and character death like whoa!)

Word Count: 3000-ish

Characters/Pairings: Candice, Charlie, Claire, Elle, Eden, Maya, Monica & Sylar (lol)

Disclaimer: Belonging to Kring (who wishes he was as good as) Rodriguez & Tarantino.

Spoilers/Time Line: AU BEESH. Though spoilers for Death Proof

Summery: Sylar's got a bad Chick Habit

AN: Chocked full of girl pawah! (ps we need more tags here.)
Tags: character: claire, character: elle, character: monica

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