March 23rd, 2009

Winter Soldier

A Call for a Celebration of Female Heroes

Give me your Claire, your Niki (Jessica, Tracy, whoever), your Angela, your Elle, your Molly, your Heidi, your Janice, your Sandra, your Daphne, your Maya, and every other female character of Heroes!

Unfortunately, this community has been too quiet, and these women and girls need to be celebrated just as much as the male characters are.

So, let's do that. I challenge you to post fic, art, fanmixes, discussions, fanvids, and anything else to celebrate these female characters. Get the word out on your friends' lists that we're here. Announce us on the newsletter. Anything.

If the show doesn't so right by its female characters, then it's our job to give them the attention they deserve. Who's with me?
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