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Winter Soldier

FIC: Home (1/1)

Title: Home
Character: Molly
Word Count: 291
Rating: PG-13
Another one for medie's "Because We Are Awesome Drabble-a-thon".

She didn’t expect the pains of sadness she felt. She thought she would relish the freedom college brought. But for the past two weeks since her dads left her there, Molly curled up in her bed and cried.

She couldn’t understand it. She liked her roommate. She had made several friends. However, when night came so did the tears.

Damn it! She was eighteen years old. She was too old for this, but how could she stop it?

“I’m not giving up and going home,” she whispered to herself in the dark. “So if I can’t go home, then why not bring home to me?”

She closed her eyes and concentrated on her dads. Within minutes, she could see Matt and Mohinder as clear as if she were there.

Mohinder bent over his desk, studying a stack of notes. His desk lamp was the only source of light in his study. A careless dark curl flopped into his eye as he read. Molly smiled. Mohinder was forever forgetting to sleep when he worked on something.

The scene changed and she found Matt at the station. Apparently he had pulled the night shift again. He walked down a hallway, a folder under his arm. ‘Going to interrogate somebody?’ Molly wondered.

Matt stopped in the middle of the hallway. He stared straight ahead for a moment, and then smiled.

‘Molly.’ She jumped when she heard his voice in her head. He always knew when she was looking for him. ‘Good night, Molly.’

She let the image disappear and opened her eyes. Her heart felt lighter. She no longer felt the urge to cry. Sighing, she turned onto her side. It felt good to know she could find them, no matter where she was.
Castle: Writer

Four Different Crayons (fic)

I hope this is okay to post here. I missed the fic exchange, but I hope that the community is still open to unsolicited fic. Because this fandom can use all of the ladies kicking ass as it can get! :D

Title: Four Different Crayons
Summary: In 2023, the four toughest “Millennials” team up to kick some ass.
Pairings: Molly/Micah, and the M3 family is taken for granted as still existing.
Notes: This is set in the same continuity as And Happiness is Coming Home Again, only about three years earlier.
And thanks to comixologist for support and a beta read. And for convincing me that “AC/DC” is a better codename for Elle than “Short Circuit”

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( You girls aren't getting into any trouble, are you? )

"An Office with a Window" for apckrfan

Title: An Office With a Window
Author: quirkysmuse aka Paynesgrey
Characters: Molly Walker, and Micah Sanders is in there too (Micah/Molly)
Rating: PG
Recipient: apckrfan for the heroes_heroines 1st challenge.
Prompt:Molly Walker - a future fic about her as an adult, or at least an older teen. Is she still living with Matt & Mohinder?
Word Count: 2814
Notes/Spoilers: Season 2 knowledge needed, set when Micah and Molly are in their late teens.

Summary: Micah shows Molly her new office as she begins to work with Mohinder and others to clean up the mess left by the Company, and she reveals that her powers have grown.

[Molly felt Micah hovering behind her, watching as she put her handprint into the computer. With a loud clank, the door to her new office opened, and she stepped inside ahead of him.]